Writer, Director, Producer: Chidi Ozieh
Executive Producer: Chidi Ozieh, Chuks Oyem, Mobola Moronto

Associate Producer: Ambrose Appiah 

Cast: Aaron Stall, Jerry Simotas, Lauren Leister, Nadia Kiyatkina

Director of Photography: Steven Denisevicz, Joshua D. Cornelius
Composer: Luis Almau
Art Director: Chidi Ozieh
Editor: Chidi Ozieh
Visual Effects : Chidi Ozieh

Animation Supervisor: Chidi Ozieh


The year is 2067. In a world filled with fraud and corruption, a shadowy government organization called "The Black Flag" secretly controls all facets of society. Their dominance is almost complete; except for one thorn in their side - a serial killer called "The Red Scarlet". In a downtown police precinct, two detectives try to piece together the puzzle woven by the red scarlet and her attempt to release the serum and expose the truth.

Winner of the best sci-fi short film award at the 2012 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and official selection at the Crown Heights film festival. Serum is a live action short film noir written and directed by Chidi Ozieh and produced by Rubic House LLC.

Behind The Scenes Featurette


ilustrations by Chidi Ozieh

Costume Design

illustrations by Chidi Ozieh