Director: Chuks Oyem
Producer: Chidi Ozieh
Cast: Christopher Gonzalez, Sergio Vigano, Victoria Frick, Billy Lee 

Cinematographer: Paul Hinson
Composer: Jonathan Russell
Art Director: Michael Horn
Writer: Chuks Oyem
Editor: Chuks Oyem
Sound Design: Dan Pugsley
Visual Effects and Compositing: Chidi Ozieh



Arella is a live action fantasy short film, written and directed by Chuks Oyem and produced by Chidi Ozieh. A team of young, independent film making talent has been assembled from Philadelphia and New York, to create the ultimate short film, portraying mystery and intrigue with Hollywood style filmmaking. The aim is to make a concise and energetic short film with an emphasis on intriguing storytelling. 


Behind The Scenes