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Chidi Ozieh - WRITER/Director/Producer

Chidi Ozieh was born October 1981 in London, England and currently resides in New York City. He is a writer, director, producer, music composer and visual effects supervisor known for a number of short films such as Serum (2010), (2012 Best Sci-Fi Short Film at The Philadelphia Film Festival), Inheritors (2013) and the rotoscope live action animated film Young Mallory (2014) which has been selected for the Best Animated Short Film Award at the 22nd Annual Raindance Film Festival and ANIMPACT Animation Film Festival. Since childhood, Chidi has been an artist at heart with solid foundation in visual arts and later studied Music at Thames Valley University. He embarked on his filmmaking journey after immigrating to the U.S. with the belief that filmmaking is the ultimate form of artistic expression and storytelling as it incorporates his many talents in visual arts, music, writing, producing and directing.  Chidi is currently working on his feature film debut as a writer/director/producer.